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We are in need of both volunteers and full time staff here at new beginnings home! If you have ever wanted to get involved with us now is the time :) Read below for a full list of both staff and volunteer opportunities we have open. If you know you or anyone you know are at all interested or just want more info about these opportunities please email or call 253.232.8415 [ALL positions listed below are unpaid missionary/volunteer positions]

our volunteer opportunities are very flexible, we can work with a variety of schedules!

Transportation Team: This is a great way to volunteer around new beginnings, and is our most urgent need. New Beginnings Home is looking for some awesome women to volunteer their time to assist our young women with their transportation needs. If you are interested in volunteering in this way please send an email to 

We have lots of other volunteer opportunities. Transportation is our most urgent need, but if you would like to volunteer in another way PLEASE let us know, we would love to chat with you and connect you with the best way your skills can be used to bless new beginnings!  


New Beginnings Home Staff Assistant/Nanny:
New Beginnings home is looking to bring on a female staff member! 
*This position includes all of your housing and food for free (there are no staff fees at our ministry). 

Job Description: 
We are looking for someone to be a part time staff member, and a part time nanny to 2 children on base (a 3 year old and a 1 year old). It is a full time position, but your duties would be split between nannying and staffing. 

If you are interested in applying or would just like more info please email

We are hoping to fill this position as early as possible. (Perks also include sometimes holding adorable babies ;) 

Welcome Home House Manager: 
Our aftercare housing program for birthmothers (called welcome home) is looking for a house manager! This is a female staff position.
*This position provides free housing (there are no staff fees at our ministry).

Job Description:

We are looking for someone with a passion to work with birth mothers (women who have placed for adoption). This position would include running the day to day tasks of our Welcome Home Program, and mentorship of our clients.

If you are interested in applying or would just like more info please email

Green House Manager: 
Did you know that New Beginnings has a 5,000 square foot green house on our property?! 
We are looking for a man or woman who is passionate about farming and hydroponics, that would manage our green house. We have a fully functional hydroponics system as well as multiple other farming methods possible in our green house, we just need some one to oversee it all! 

If you are interested in applying or would just like more info please email


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Want to get your fall pumpkins AND support New Beginnings Home?! Come by our campus this week and get your pumpkins from our pumpkin tractor! Leave a donation in our donations box :) 100% of these donations go toward supporting pregnant women, single mamas, and birth mamas in our mentorship and housing programs!

Get your pumpkins here: 7309 56th St E Puyallup, WA 98371