Would you like to learn more about New Beginnings Home?
Learn who we are, what we do, and how YOU can get involved!?

[Register Here: https://newbeginnings.churchcenteronline.com/registrations/events/50647 ]

(there is no cost to attend this event, there will be an opportunity to give)

Our annual New Beginnings Banquet is fast approaching. At this banquet you will hear STORIES of the amazing things happening at New Beginnings Home, you will hear TESTIMONIES from current residents on how New Beginnings has affected their lives and the life of their babies, you will LEARN the many ways you can be involved in the work of New Beginnings Homes, and you will get a peek into all the ways New Beginnings serves the women in our community.

Our banquet will be held at Bethany Baptist Church [713 S Hill Park Dr, Puyallup, WA 98373]
This event will be held on Friday, May 19th, 2017 and it starts at 7pm (registration will open at 6pm).

[Register Here: https://newbeginnings.churchcenteronline.com/registrations/events/50647 ]

We have two BIG needs right now to make this banquet possible.

          1) We need table HOSTS

                     As a table host all you have to do is invite your friends/family! Table hosts do not pay                          anything for themselves or guest, all you do is fill a table with 8 people (yourself                                  included). We will give you invitations and all that you need to easily invite your friends                      to join you in learning about New Beginnings Homes.

          2) We need table and corporate SPONSORS 

                      As a table sponsor you are paying to sponsor the cost of one table. The cost is $400.                             You do not need to fill the table with guests, you are just providing the opportunity for                         more people to come hear about New Beginning Homes!

                     As a corporate sponsor you are helping support the New Beginnings Banquet as a                                whole. Corporate sponsorships start at $1000 and go up to $5000. This is a great way for                      your business to sew into the community!


Do both! If you would like you can also choose to support by giving financially and filling a table! Become a SUPER sponsor!

If you would like to be a table host or sponsor you can register with the link, OR email info@newbeginningshome.org

If you have any questions at all please email info@newbeginningshome.org

[Register Here: https://newbeginnings.churchcenteronline.com/registrations/events/50647 ]

We cannot wait to see you at our banquet! We know you will be encouraged and excited by what is happening at New Beginnings Home.

A few fun facts about New Beginnings Home: 

+We have been serving the western Washington region for over 36 years

+We have helped over 500 women facing unexpected/crisis pregnancy 

+We are located in the beautiful Puyallup Valley 

+We not only help women through their pregnancy, but also serve single mothers AND birthmothers thorough our aftercare programs

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