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Passionate about working with single mothers and babies? Come join our team at New Beginnings!

New Beginnings Home is looking to bring on a new female staff member to work in our single mothers program! 

If you or anyone you know would be interested in this position please read below!! You can contact us for further information or to apply at
Job Position: Staff Assistant for Single Mothers Program
Goals: To support single moms by offering resources, mentorship and support during evenings and occasional weekends. To assist the program manager as needed with transportation, Christian character training, food preparation, household chores and other needs as they arise.
Responsibilities: Provide mentorship for single mothers Communicate with program manager and directors in order to provide comprehensive care to the women Build positive relationships with all residents living on the New Beginnings campus Share in the responsibility of staffing weekends. This includes being responsible for all residents living on the property for at least 1 weekend per month. Sup…
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You are LOVED and there is HOPE

This is the theme of our 36th annual New Beginnings banquet. So WHY did we choose this theme?

Because this is the TRUTH for each and everyone of the gals that come through our program. We know that every New Beginnings resident is preciously loved by Father God. He loves them and their little ones so dearly (wether they know it or not), and we long to be the hands and feet of the Father to these women through our family centered ministry.

We also believe that there is a tremendous amount of hope for the women of New Beginnings. They all were intricately designed by our creator with beautiful qualities that make them totally unique, they have so many talents and were created for a specific purpose. There is hope of a beautiful future and a restored past. Our God is a God of restoration and healing and HOPE, isn't that amazing?!

Although the title of our ministry, "New Beginnings", was designed to reflect what we hope for our residents, I fi…


Would you like to learn more about New Beginnings Home? Learn who we are, what we do, and how YOU can get involved!?
[Register Here: ]

(there is no cost to attend this event, there will be an opportunity to give)

Our annual New Beginnings Banquet is fast approaching. At this banquet you will hear STORIES of the amazing things happening at New Beginnings Home, you will hear TESTIMONIES from current residents on how New Beginnings has affected their lives and the life of their babies, you will LEARN the many ways you can be involved in the work of New Beginnings Homes, and you will get a peek into all the ways New Beginnings serves the women in our community.

Our banquet will be held at Bethany Baptist Church [713 S Hill Park Dr, Puyallup, WA 98373]
This event will be held on Friday, May 19th, 2017 and it starts at 7pm (registration will open at 6pm).

[Register Here:…

A Blessing Shower

Here at New Beginnings we get to work with both gals who are placing for adoption and gals who are parenting. One of the very special things that we get to be a part of is blessing showers! For those who might not be familiar with a blessing shower, it is similar to a baby shower BUT its for women who are making a plan for adoption. So the adoptive family throw this blessing shower for the birth mother. The adoptive family and all their friends surround the birth mother to celebrate her, give her gifts, pray over her, and speak life and truth and hope into her life. It is a very special time and something we feel so blessed to be a part of. A few weeks ago we got to host a blessing shower for one of our residents, enjoy the pictures below and celebrate this amazing mama with us!


A few weeks ago one of our residents found out she is going to have a BOY!! We kept it a secret from the rest of the house and we did a gender reveal for her. It was a blast to put together, and we are so glad we got to celebrate with her. We are so excited for this mama and her precious boy.

Baby Bath Time!

On a cold rainy Washington day there is nothing more cheery and adorable than baby bath time! In the kitchen sink overlooking our cute little farm, one of our lovely mamas is giving her little one a bath <3 so precious and peaceful. We are always so proud of how our residents have grown in to amazing mothers to their littles! These precious bonding moments are part of why we do what we do! Enjoy this peek into our daily life:



We are in need of both volunteers and full time staff here at new beginnings home! If you have ever wanted to get involved with us now is the time :) Read below for a full list of both staff and volunteer opportunities we have open. If you know you or anyone you know are at all interested or just want more info about these opportunities please email or call 253.232.8415 [ALL positions listed below are unpaid missionary/volunteer positions]

our volunteer opportunities are very flexible, we can work with a variety of schedules!

Transportation Team: This is a great way to volunteer around new beginnings, and is our most urgent need. New Beginnings Home is looking for some awesome women to volunteer their time to assist our young women with their transportation needs. If you are interested in volunteering in this way please send an email to 

We have lots of othe…