Monday, July 31, 2017

Meet Karrin!

One of my favorite parts about working here at new beginnings is that I get to use my passion and experience in photography to empower our mamas! I shoot maternity photos, birth photos, new born photos, and mama and me photos for all of our gals here at new beginnings. I love getting to show women the innate beauty that the father has created in them. I love getting to show them that they can be graceful and strong and beautiful all together, and that they are worthy to be loved and cherished. You may think, "Pictures can't do all that", but I truly believe that photography can be so powerful, not only for the viewer of the image  but also for the subject of the image if done in an empowering way. The latest shoot that I got to do was Maternity Photos for one of our new beginnings mamas, Karrin. She is about to POP! Her precious girl is due August 21st (so close!). Karrin can not wait to meet her little human! Karrin has a heart to love on people. She is so excited to start the journey of being a mama. She enjoys art, movies, games, and she loves to laugh!! Please pray for a safe and beautiful delivery of her little one, and that the weeks leading up to that day would be enjoyable and exciting! Enjoy some of this beautiful mama's portraits:

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Baby!

This summer something beautiful happened... LIFE! Another precious new beginnings baby was born to one of the awesome Mamas we get to serve. Keianna Rose was born at the very end of May. Here at new beginnings we get to celebrate new life more often than your average home, and we LOVE it!! I (Hannah-New Beginnings Staff Assistant) had the privilege of attending this birth as a support person and photographer! It is so special to get to be a part of a birth, its by far the most amazing and beautiful thing I have ever gotten to witness. This particular birth was a doozy! When we got to the hospital mama was already in pretty active labor, it seemed like she almost skipped early labor. Once we were admitted we ended up finding out that this mama had preeclampsia, which can be pretty scary. Thankfully the awesome medical staff at St. Jo's found it early enough that it was able to be treated and didn't cause too many problems. This mama only labored for about 5 hours total, God orchestrated everything so perfectly. She gave about 5 good pushes and out came a beautiful baby girl. Keianna is perfect in every way, hand made and loved by God. She weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces and had a gorgeous head of curly black hair. We stayed in the hospital for a few more days (extra monitoring is required with preeclampsia), but mama and baby were recovering beautifully and we got to go home! A huge shout out to two awesome women, Christina and Michelle. These women are 2 doulas who volunteer with new beginnings and offer their birth services free of charge to the women of new beginnings. They are incredible and we are so grateful for their generous hearts to serve the women of new beginnings. Even though we at new beginnings get to celebrate birth often, we never get tired of it. Getting to meet a brand new person perfectly knit by the Father is such a gift! I pray that we never grow numb to the miracle of life. That each and every birth we get to celebrate is another reminder of what an amazing Creator we get to worship. What a blessing. Enjoy some pictures of the newest NBH baby!

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