Monday, September 28, 2015

Wednesday Night Worship

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A Tiny Welcome Home Resident

BriAnna is the kind of young woman that puts everyone else in front of herself… She cares deeply about people! We immediately recognized that about her. And although selflessness is something to be admired, BriAnna’s strength became her greatest weakness. Her life began to spiral out of control because she wasn’t making healthy choices for herself. BriAnna struggled with addiction. Pregnant, afraid, and knowing that she couldn’t turn her life around on her own, she reached out for the help she needed to be free and protect the life within her. We see the bravery and humility it takes to ask for help and applaud her for doing so!  
After receiving specialized care for her recovery, BriAnna contacted NBHomes and we moved her in for the remainder of her pregnancy! At the New Beginnings maternity home she completed technical training in dental assisting and prepared for the birth of her son. She also rededicated her life to Jesus and got baptized while still pregnant! Her handsome little guy, named Roman, is a healthy 4 months old now! He giggles and coos all the time, enjoys worship at church, and soaks up the attention of all his adoring NBHomes family. 

Now that BriAnna is part of the Welcome Home (single moms) housing program she has been able to bond with her son, continue receiving loving support and mentorship, begin a career in dental assisting, and push forward in her recovery while strengthening her relationship with the Lord! BriAnna is an attentive nurturing mama with a heart full of gratefulness. She is enjoying her tiny sanctuary and making the space feel like an inviting home. BriAnna and her son are looking forward to a future full of God's presence!
Be sure to check out the video "A Tiny Tour" 
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Dedicated to the Lord!

The directors of New Beginnings Homes, Miles and Debi Musick, had the honor of attending the dedication of that cute little guy in the middle named Roman! What a privilege to celebrate the decision his brave mommy made to give him life and then place his future safely in the will of our Creator! We are so proud of her determination to follow hard after God and raise her son to know Jesus! In this picture all 3 of our programs are represented: maternity, birth mother, and single mom care! We are truly grateful for all the ways God has blessed NBHomes and the opportunity to worship in the house of God at Champions Centre in Tacoma!    

Friday, September 11, 2015

Baby Belly Beauty

There is something undeniably beautiful about the curve of a pregnant woman's belly expanding daily as proof of the life within her! To choose life in a world where it's acceptable to discard it, is something worth celebrating!

We want the young women that come to NBHomes to feel 
celebrated and honored in their wonderful decision to choose life!

As I write this post, I'm sitting in the hospital delivery room next to an NBHomes mama in early labor... because we are so much more than a mentorship program, much more than a shelter, this is a calling that becomes our way of life! We welcome these women into our homes and hearts!

We are NBHomes FAMILY! Family lifts up, supports, empowers, and stays connected. 

There are many fun ways we get to show our love... one of my favorite ways is by providing maternity and birth pictures for free! The laboring mama next to me was my last model just a couple weeks ago! Take a peek at her photo shoot and remember her and her daughter in your prayers during the next 24 hours as we welcome another NBHomes baby!

We just want to say THANK YOU to all of our incredible champions that pray for this ministry and support it financially! Please know your impact is GREAT! 

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