Sunday, June 28, 2015

1 Corinthians 3:7

"So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow." 

It's not about us.
-NBHomes staff

Friday, June 26, 2015

18 Values

New Beginnings is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). We are grateful for the foundation YWAM has set in their 50+ years of global ministry! Thriving in a Christ centered organization to serve families is our greatest honor. Our prayer is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The following YWAM values are also adopted here at NBHomes:

  1. Know God
  2. Make God known
  3. Hear God’s voice  
  4. Practice worship and intercessory prayer  
  5. Be visionary
  6. Champion young people
  7. Be broad-structured and decentralized
  8. Be international and interdenominational
  9. Have a biblical Christian worldview
  10. Function in teams  
  11. Exhibit servant leadership  
  12. Do first, then teach  
  13. Be relationship-oriented
  14. Value the individual
  15. Value families  
  16. Practice dependence on God  
  17. Practice hospitality  
  18. Communicate with integrity

Summer Adventures with #NBHomes

Backyard Playing - Lake Swimming - Forrest Hiking

Face Painting  - Bike Riding - Waterfront Exploring

Sun Bathing - Tire Swinging - Flower Smelling

Trampoline Jumping - BBQ celebrating

We are having a great Summer already!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

NBH Rides

Recently our ministry was blessed with a great opportunity to purchase (at a great deal) a “new to us” minivan that allows our staff to make sure every pregnant client is able to easily get to important appointments, grocery stores, and mentorship meetings. We decided the new van needed a name! Our original minivan is still in decent shape and has been referred to as The Swagger Wagon, because, well it’s got a good set of speakers and boy do we like our Christian hip hop (true story)! It suddenly came to us that the new minivan should be christened The Chariot! And it just fit perfectly.Thanks to the Lord for his great provisions! Another exciting set of wheels was donated to the ministry and quickly claimed by our littlest staff member, Liliya! She has the coolest ride of all!
Our aftercare ministries for single moms and birth mothers are still in need of a designated vehicle, probably a minivan to chauffeur our beautiful residents and their babies to places like church, the grocery store, the YMCA, etc... Will you pray with us for this need?

Summer Opportunity to Serve

HELP!! NBHomes needs volunteers to assist us in
maintaining our 6 acre property! 
Our 2 valiant men on staff, Tim and Miles, are doing their very best to mow lawns, clean gutters, seed new grass, power wash porches, edge sidewalks, lay new pavers, repair fences, and so much more but they NEED YOUR HELP. Have a free afternoon and a couple strong friends? Please contact Miles Musick to set up a yard work party or schedule a weekly/monthly lawn mowing day. You are amazing!

The Food Machine Greenhouse

Did you know that New Beginnings Homes 
has a 5,000 sq ft greenhouse? It’s true!

The Food Machine is a spacious, state of the art facility completed in late 2012. The greenhouse originally ran on an aquaponics system that required thousands of fish to nourish the crops, but since October 2014 we switched to a more sustainable hydroponics system that doesn’t require the (WA winter) high utilities cost for keeping fish tanks warm.
We are excited to see the greenhouse produce harvests to provide healthy food for our NBHomes community as well as the opportunity to sell a delicious fresh local crop to our grocery partners for a small profit. We recently sold 300 live salad bowls that were a hit in the North Tacoma district! We are in the process of growing 175+ tomato plants, 850 mixed herbs, and about 500 basil plants.

We are currently in serious need of a volunteer greenhouse manager to oversee the operation! The vision for the Food Machine is to eventually be able to support paid staff, but until it is fully functioning we need volunteers! Please contact Miles Musick to inquire for more details.


Miles Musick is the founder and director of YWAM New Beginnings. He is also the loving father of 6 children and grandpa to 4 ½ little ones. But what many people may not realize is that he carries another title with honor and joy here at New Beginnings Homes: Papa Miles

The children of our residents and staff members refer to this amazing man as Papa. This term is dear for many of their mothers because often male role models are few or non existent in their child’s lives. He is the kind of man every little girl & boy should be loved by and look up to! Miles loves freely and deeply and all of our kids sense that immediately! We love you Papa Miles.

New Arrivals

Our community is overjoyed with the healthy arrival of:
Baby boy, Roman Baby girl, Vera Baby girl, Jaidyn 
born Thursday May 14th  born Thursday May 21st born Friday May 29th

All of the mamas are doing well adjusting to mom life. We are so thankful for the time we had with these incredible women during their pregnancies at our maternity home. 
Please keep both moms and babies in your prayers.

****** UPDATE******

Another incredible NBHomes delivery recently occurred on June 5th! 
We are happy to introduce healthy baby girl Brookelyin:

Alena Goes to Africa

The NBHomes team couldn't be more proud of our dear friend and long time staff member, Alena Wolbert! She first joined staff in June 2013 to oversee our House of Hope for birth mothers. In that time she has mentored countless women as they navigate the grief cycle, faith in Jesus, and find their footing for a stable healthy future. Alena says her time with NBHomes has forever changed her life by allowing the Lord to use this experience to mold her into the woman she is now.
This July-August Alena and her dad will co-lead 3 YWAM outreach teams to some of the poorest communities of Ethiopia in East Africa! They will serve through mercy ministries, evangelism, and special events all for the glory of our King! We are incredibly proud of Alena. She is answering the call and moving on to very exciting work! She leaves New Beginnings with our blessings and prayers!
Please join us in encouraging Alena’s ministry to the nations, applaud her for a job well done at New Beginnings Homes, and if you feel led - support her mission to Ethiopia financially. Her support will still be processed through NBHomes CLICK HERE.

We also welcome our support staff Stephani Young as the interim house manager of House of Hope and trust she will carry on Alena’s passionate pursuit of hope for birth mothers!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yema Mamas

"Thank You" to a wonderful local business: Yema Mamas

We share all the time about how incredible the ladies are that come to live with us and grow in every area of their lives to prepare for life as a mom… but many of these brave ones have overcome really difficult circumstances surrounding their pregnancy. We know that labor classes are very necessary to prepare a first time mother! We have found, however, that many of our residents benefit greatly from the full attention of a private birth instructor. This allows personal conversation and encouragement surrounding hopes, fears, and circumstances. The Yema Mama’s provide holistic care for mothers in our area with a powerful perspective as followers of Jesus. Recently Jana Johnston of the Yema Mamas team traveled to our home twice to give personal birthing education to an expecting mom. Jana empowered this new mom with valuable information, courage, perspective, and peace of mind! We could not be more grateful for this partnership! 
To read more about Yema Mamas visit their WEBSITE.

Yema Mamas: "Yema means flower bud in Spanish, which represents birthing new life. We believe Jesus is our source and giver of new life. Our mission is to attentively nurture families by serving women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum seasons of being a mama. We serve women through this vulnerable and spiritual transition with passion and knowledge. We desire to see all women wholly loved and supported through their transition from pregnancy to motherhood. We aim to empower women to love and nurture each other in community to ease and honor the new life of a mother."
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