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~Volunteer Spotlight~

Meet Brooke! 

Brooke has been a faithful volunteer to new beginnings for several years now. She first started helping out at new beginnings in 2013 when she did an internship here to complete her Human Development Degree with a focus on family studies. She interned for 3 months with us and then went on to graduate, get married, and start her own family. Then in early 2016 Brooke contacted us saying she wanted to regularly volunteer on our campus. For over a year she has served weekly at New Beginnings Maternity Home. Brooke has such a heart for the women we serve. She loves to spend time with them and pour into their lives. She is kind of like a big sister to the gals who live in our program. Brooke serves new beginnings by working on special projects, driving gals to appointments, doing house hold chores, sorting our donations, and putting on fun events for our gals. We just recently got to go over to her house for a girls night where we ate dinner and watched a movie together. Brooke has a two year old daughter named Aria and is expecting her second little girl at the end of this month!! We are so excited for her little family to grow again soon! Please join us in prayer for Brooke and her family as they get closer to their delivery date! Pray for a smooth last few weeks of pregnancy and a healthy uncomplicated delivery.

If you are interested in volunteering with New Beginnings and serving young vulnerable pregnant women please email us at: we are currently looking for volunteers as well as a few staff members.

Brooke's daughter Aria

Almost ready to pop! 

Cute little family

Aria found some powdered sugar haha!


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We are in need of both volunteers and full time staff here at new beginnings home! If you have ever wanted to get involved with us now is the time :) Read below for a full list of both staff and volunteer opportunities we have open. If you know you or anyone you know are at all interested or just want more info about these opportunities please email or call 253.232.8415 [ALL positions listed below are unpaid missionary/volunteer positions]

our volunteer opportunities are very flexible, we can work with a variety of schedules!

Transportation Team: This is a great way to volunteer around new beginnings, and is our most urgent need. New Beginnings Home is looking for some awesome women to volunteer their time to assist our young women with their transportation needs. If you are interested in volunteering in this way please send an email to 

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Tiny House #2

Back in May, someone attended our banquet and heard Miles announce the successful completion of building a tiny house on our campus, which will provide additional housing for a single mom and baby.  (A tiny home is a home that is less than 400 square feet in size).

That same evening, Miles also gave an invitation to join New Beginnings in building additional tiny homes. For $30,000 a home can be built, furnished, and provide a safe and sufficient independent living space for a mom and her child. 
New Beginnings Homes have been providing housing for single moms for the past 4 years in the program titled, "Welcome Home." It is part of the aftercare program that includes House of Hope, for moms who have chosen to place a child in adoption. 
Up until now, residents of Welcome Home have been living in a recently converted home on the property. The home hadn't been used for ministry purposes (other than to house staff) until 2011. An opportunity for the New Beginnings Ministry wa…


Want to get your fall pumpkins AND support New Beginnings Home?! Come by our campus this week and get your pumpkins from our pumpkin tractor! Leave a donation in our donations box :) 100% of these donations go toward supporting pregnant women, single mamas, and birth mamas in our mentorship and housing programs!

Get your pumpkins here: 7309 56th St E Puyallup, WA 98371