Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yema Mamas

"Thank You" to a wonderful local business: Yema Mamas

We share all the time about how incredible the ladies are that come to live with us and grow in every area of their lives to prepare for life as a mom… but many of these brave ones have overcome really difficult circumstances surrounding their pregnancy. We know that labor classes are very necessary to prepare a first time mother! We have found, however, that many of our residents benefit greatly from the full attention of a private birth instructor. This allows personal conversation and encouragement surrounding hopes, fears, and circumstances. The Yema Mama’s provide holistic care for mothers in our area with a powerful perspective as followers of Jesus. Recently Jana Johnston of the Yema Mamas team traveled to our home twice to give personal birthing education to an expecting mom. Jana empowered this new mom with valuable information, courage, perspective, and peace of mind! We could not be more grateful for this partnership! 
To read more about Yema Mamas visit their WEBSITE.

Yema Mamas: "Yema means flower bud in Spanish, which represents birthing new life. We believe Jesus is our source and giver of new life. Our mission is to attentively nurture families by serving women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum seasons of being a mama. We serve women through this vulnerable and spiritual transition with passion and knowledge. We desire to see all women wholly loved and supported through their transition from pregnancy to motherhood. We aim to empower women to love and nurture each other in community to ease and honor the new life of a mother."
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