Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"I Believe" essay by Starr

Starr is a birth mother who placed her newborn son with a loving family! She is 17 and lives in our House of Hope while attending High School. She recently turned in this essay for her English class:
“When I was growing up I was never honest with myself in who I really was as a person. I allowed everyone around me to tell me that I was not good enough or I that will never amount to anything and for the longest time I believed those lies. Because I believed them I became extremely insecure about myself, and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, I believe you should always be honest with yourself and about who you truly are as a person. It was extremely hard to stand up to the people that were teasing me and talking about me behind my back because I thought no madder how hard I tried to change or speak up it would  not make a difference on how I was treated or viewed. There is more to a person just than there looks, a person’s looks can be here one day and be gone the next but your character and your hart will still be there. You never know what type of background a person is coming from, there could have been some tragic occurrences in their life that were not their fault, but yet people decide to degrade them for something that is not in their control without even getting to know them as a person and not as object. I remember a moment in my life when I allowed the closest people in my life to call me fat, ugly, and not worth anything, and because those lies were constantly spoken over me I quickly stared to believe them. When I became pregnant at the age of fifteen I was asked to leave my home, when I left I moved to a christen based maternity home were the house parents were telling me that I was beautiful , smart , loving, kind , caring, and precious. When I started to hear these truths about myself at first I did not believe them but over time I did start to think that I was worth something and that I was someone amazing and awesome and worth talking to or someone to be around and spend time with. I know exactly how it feels to be put down and be ignored and because I know that I will always speak truth and speak positive words to other people and about myself. That is why I feel you should always be honest with yourself and who you are as a person.”
What an honor to walk alongside this young woman! We thank you for your continued prayers for Starr and all the women and children we serve.
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