Wednesday, July 22, 2015

From Fear to Father... In 9 Months

It's a dream to witness more men stepping up to become loving fathers. The New Beginnings house dad has high hopes to mentor them... The truth is many of these guys don't have an example in their life worthy of following! How do they learn what it looks like to be a dad, be a husband, be a man... when no one is showing them? More than ever young men today need to have solid, Godly men reach out to them with encouragement, accountability and discipleship! 

This short story is based on true events - names have been changed for privacy: 

Josh was still in High School, how could he possibly be a dad? The relationship went too far and Josh knew it was a mistake, one he'd rather forget about than deal with. This is not what he planned for his future. It was clear to him, there was only one answer that made sense - abortion. It would be a quick, harmless solution... right? Yes, Josh believes in God and knows that it's wrong, but he was facing this life changing situation all alone and terrified!

The girl pregnant with his child is a Christian too... Molly hates the idea of abortion and can't allow herself to think about that as an option. Her mothering instincts kicked in early in the pregnancy, she is protective. Josh became frustrated insisting on abortion. Soon the time frame for a free abortion passed by. Molly is relieved and now living at New Beginnings surrounded by loving people that are giving her encouragement, education, and reminding her of the promises Jesus has for her and her child.

Josh, having no support from his family and getting nothing but negative remarks from his own father, decided to switch his focus from abortion to adoption. Adoption can be a beautiful option, incredibly selfless and also incredibly difficult... there is a great loss involved and I believe only true dependence on our loving God can carry any parent through the adoption process in a healthy way! Can Josh handle that? Can Molly? Molly is willing to explore the idea... she learned all about adoption from a non-biased loving counselor and after much contemplation and prayer decided not to proceed with adoption. Now Molly has to tell Josh - adoption is off the table... he either needs to step up to parenting or leave their lives.

Josh is a good guy struggling with fear and doubt... but knowing he must take responsibility. He came to as many doctor appointments as possible, agreed to sit down with the NBHomes house dad to talk about the future and the Lord, and soon found out his growing baby is a girl. The last months of Molly's pregnancy were not easy for her and Josh. Their relationship as a couple ended but they made a promise to be the best parents they could be for their daughter. On the day of their daughters birth Josh was by Molly's side every minute... holding Molly's hand in encouragement!

Fear has a way of lurking in our hearts and controlling every aspect of our lives... it can hold us back from God's plans. Fear causes us to make unwise choices and statements. Overwhelming fear can stop a father from the greatest gift of his life: A daughter. Jesus says we can give him our burdens, that we can trust the Lord, that he will supply everything we need for LIFE!

When Josh laid eyes on his beautiful, healthy daughter for the first time as she entered the world... something incredible must have happened! Imagine Josh reliving all the times he begged for an abortion... all the times he denied wanting to parent... all the fears and doubts and worries... VANISHING! Because in one instant he fell madly in love with a tiny perfect baby girl. His daughter. Now he looks into her eyes thankful to God and Molly for not listening to him. He becomes a daddy and every ounce of him wants to protect his baby forever. Tears of true joy and gratitude flow!

This is happy ending! A little girl has a loving mommy and daddy in her life. Thank You Jesus!


Your investment could change everything! 

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