Monday, July 6, 2015

Tiny House #2

Back in May, someone attended our banquet and heard Miles announce the successful completion of building a tiny house on our campus, which will provide additional housing for a single mom and baby.  (A tiny home is a home that is less than 400 square feet in size).

That same evening, Miles also gave an invitation to join New Beginnings in building additional tiny homes. For $30,000 a home can be built, furnished, and provide a safe and sufficient independent living space for a mom and her child. 

New Beginnings Homes have been providing housing for single moms for the past 4 years in the program titled, "Welcome Home." It is part of the aftercare program that includes House of Hope, for moms who have chosen to place a child in adoption. 

Up until now, residents of Welcome Home have been living in a recently converted home on the property. The home hadn't been used for ministry purposes (other than to house staff) until 2011. An opportunity for the New Beginnings Ministry was developing and it was perfect timing to utilize this house for single moms and babies. With the house size, and having only 1 bathroom, it was decided that it would not be conducive to house more than one mom at a time. This house is also home to Amelia, the Welcome Home house manager and her son. 

There is a great need in the community for housing for single moms and children. There is limited support and resources available. Most, if not all housing available for them has a waitlist. It has been a long time desire of New Beginnings to provide housing for more than just one mom at a time. 

The first tiny house became possible with a generous donation from one supporter. They saw the need and had the financial means to meet it. Tiny House #1 was completed in May and will provide housing for new mom, BriAnna and her son, Roman for the next 12-18 months. 

Tiny House #1

This brings us back to the night of the banquet. A man in attendance that evening heard the desire to build another tiny house and brought the news back to the company he works for, RW Anderson, a home building company based in Seattle. Giving back to the community is something this company highly values. Quoted from their website R.W. Anderson:
"The company annually travels with a non-profit organization, either domestically or abroad, and completes a week-long work trip to provide skills, time and finances for people and places in need...Giving back allows the company to learn more lessons than the normal workday often provides. The RW Anderson team grows together and as individuals by gaining insight to a different part of the world and its needs. They leave with an experience that not only positively changed the lives of the people they helped, but also resulted in potentially changing their own."
After a meeting between New Beginnings Homes director, Miles Musick and general manager of R.W. Anderson, Sean Hughes; they agreed to help build Tiny House #2! We are so excited to be partnering with R.W. Anderson. The provision for this home is a tremendous blessing. 

In other exciting news, Miles was prepared to purchase the plans for the home, but noticed on the website the price of the plans had increased by $500! After a phone call to customer service at Leap Adaptive, the company that owns the plans, he was asked to leave a message and the designer of the plans would contact him directly. The phone call came from the architect and Miles shared with him a little about New Beginnings Homes and what the plans were to be used for. His response surprised us all! Not only did the man agree with Miles and the work that is being done at New Beginnings, but he felt he could personally relate to the clients we serve. In response to the increase in the price of the plans-- he donated them to New Beginnings, at no charge! God is good! 

The Hummingbird by Leap Adapative (Tiny House #2)

The building for "The Hummingbird" will start in October and, if all goes as planned, should be available to provide housing to another mom and baby by Christmas of 2015. 

If you are interested in being part of building more tiny homes for single moms, please contact us, we would love to hear from you. 

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