Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 Staff Retreat

 Great leaders know that sometimes you just need to get away and enjoy each other! We are grateful for our founders and directors for creating space in our busy schedules to make a retreat happen! Last week we spent a day in the sun, BBQing lunch, playing games, kayaking, swimming, and napping in nature. What a huge blessing to relax together. We are much more than co-workers... we serve the Lord side by side and genuinely adore our friendship as well.

(A BIG THANK YOU to World Vision, for the generous gift of kayaks! We love them!)

Day 2 of our staff retreat included the wisdom and passion of our dear friend Debe Loeber, a certified Strengths Finder consultant. We learned about each others God given strengths, how we can nurture them in our teamwork and personally to achieve not just skill and knowledge but truly live out our identity! It's amazing to see the unique abilities in our team and find ways to encourage the growth and fulfillment each of us need! 

(Thank You so much Puyallup Nazarene Church for use of your lovely meeting rooms!)

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