Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Interview With Residents!

What it’s like to live in our home…

How long have you lived at New Beginnings Home for pregnant women?
Just over a month
3 weeks
2 weeks
What are your thoughts on the staff members at NBH?
They are amazing, all of you guys are very caring and helpful, easy to get along with, laid back, fun to be around.

You help us do whatever we need to do and that’s really helpful.
How are you being supported through your pregnancy?
You guys get us to all our appointments, and by providing a stress free home and somewhere to feel comfortable, and helpful counseling.
What is the best part about living in the home?
I like living in community, especially this house, it’s fun. And I love our one on one meetings with staff.

There is always something to do and people to talk to. 
What is the hardest thing about living in the home?
Missing family probably because I’m used to living with them.

I don’t know, it’s pretty easy.

The hardest thing for me was getting used to having a roommate because I’ve never had one before. But it’s easy now.
Were you nervous before moving into the home?
I was afraid of being away from family, I thought it would be more like other group homes that you hear about where the staff have to be there instead of want to be there, which isn’t the case with you guys. I was a little nervous, the first day was the hardest because I’m used to being away for short time but always being with people I knew… so my first night here I cried a little, but after that it was totally fine and no more nerves, I love being here.

My first night was strange to be in a different place.

My first night was exciting and I wanted to be here and we went to a concert together on my first night.
What would you say to a young woman facing crisis pregnancy?
There’s a lot I would say… um, I think making sure you’re in a better (safe) place, no matter if its where you want to be or if its your decision. Now you have to make the best possible case and making that your priority, because its not really about you any more, you need to take care of the baby now.

To be honest when I first found out I was pregnant I was thinking about abortion, but then I learned about what abortion really is and I saw pictures and knew I couldn’t do that.

Also to someone thinking about abortion… really think about the long run… because giving that baby a chance to live doesn’t mean you have to be the parent, there is always adoption and even though that’s a hard choice at least adoption is giving life. Every life has a purpose and plan from God from the moment of conception.

If people are pushing you to get an abortion, remember this is your choice, that’s when you need to stand up for yourself… for me people kept telling me to get one and I felt pressured, but it’s not about other people, listen to yourself. 
Do you recommend a woman in crisis pregnancy apply to live at New Beginnings?
Oh ya, for sure!
Yes, I love this place.
Definitely, this is a great home.

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