Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stories from VCC 2014

A grandmother thanked us for our services that supported her granddaughter 15 years ago! She now has a happy healthy great granddaughter.
At this time last year our lovely Starr, volunteered at Victorian Country Christmas while still pregnant and living at New Beginnings and this year while volunteering she shared her story of God’s grace over her and her son who is adopted by a family she chose for him and how New Beginnings Homes are changing her life for God’s highest and best now as she lives in House of Hope.
A woman listened to Starr share her story of pregnancy at age 16. She donated and then leaned in to whisper… “I also had a baby at just 15 years old – thanks for what you are doing for young moms.”
A young mother who found herself in crisis pregnancy just over 2 years ago expressed how she understands a woman’s feelings in that difficult situation… her baby is now 18 months old and her child’s father is now her husband. She said she can’t imagine getting through without the strong support system she had and thanks us for our work with young pregnant women and gave a donation.
The winner of a raffled New Beginnings Home quilt 22 years ago stopped by the booth to share her love for our ministry and how she enjoys telling the story of the quilt while sharing about NBH.
A woman with a beloved 3 year old grandson stopped by to buy a raffle ticket and shared about her family’s story – her son and his girlfriend were just 15 when they became pregnant. At the time it was devastating and a very difficult situation, but she is so proud of her son who is a great father, completed high school and is providing for his family. She expressed her joy being a grandmother and couldn’t imagine life without him.
Sharing about New Beginnings Homes was such a blessing to all who volunteered! It was very encouraging to hear from several healthcare workers from various hospitals around the Puget Sound area that are aware of NBH and are happy to refer their patients to us that are in extra need.

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