Wednesday, December 17, 2014

No Agenda, but LOVE

How NBHomes views the choice between adoption and parenting.

Our God is an incredibly creative God who has masterfully woven each individual with care and purpose.
This is also our perspective when considering the pregnant women that come to live in our home. Each young woman is unique and we honor them for already making one of the toughest decisions of their existence thus far: the choice to carry the baby within them to term and give the gift of life to that child.

The next decision is also life changing and comes with lifelong implications: to parent or place for adoption. Here at New Beginnings we come alongside these women as they navigate their way toward a decision. We hold no preference or expectations over them! This is completely their choice and we will support them wholeheartedly because we’ll know they are making this choice after great care, contemplation, education, and prayer. We stand firm that the best choice is one the mother comes to on her own. After all, this choice will be one she must be satisfied in forever.
A birth mother is always going to be a mom who has made the most selfless, sacrificial, loving choice! And a mother who chooses to parent is also a mom who has made the most selfless, sacrificial, loving choice!
Neither path will be easy; while both demand a great love. Our birth mothers are given extensive quality care and counsel during pregnancy and after placement. Our parenting mothers are also supported with mentorship, material assistance, and access to a variety of local parenting support.

 “… With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matt 19:26

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